Lena Gulch Model Background


The original SWMM model for Lega Gulch was developed by Boyle Engineering in 1991. This SWMM model had 79 sub-basins and extended to the inlet of Maple Grove Reservoir. The District also developed a model using their CUHP modeling tool to model Lena Gulch below Maple Grove Reservoir. The CUHP model extends down to the Clear Creek outfall.

Methods Used
• Thiessen Polygon Rain Gage Weighting
• CUHP (Horton Infiltration Method)
• Muskingum Routing Channel Routing
• Modified Puls Reservoir Routing

The Lena Gulch SWMM and CUHP models have a total of 95 sub-basins that define the hydrology of the watershed. For the simplified real-time model, these were aggregated into 8 sub-basins.

Model Inputs

Area Map